How to Make a Fruit Smoothie Without Yogurt

If you’re trying to avoid dairy or cut back on the calories, making smoothies without yogurt is a healthy¬†alternative that can still be delicious. The key is to add other flavorful elements to create a smoothie to your liking whether that’s sweet, creamy, or savory! Bestselling Smoothie Accessories >>> How to Make a Smoothie Without[…]

Kiwano Melon Cut in Half

What is the Kiwano Fruit? AKA the “Horned Melon”

The african horned melon is an exotic tropical fruit that is green when freshly picked, but turns orange when fully ripe. This orange spikey fruit originated in South Africa, but has since been grown in New Zealand, Austrailia, California, Mississippi, and Chile. What does the outside of the Horned Melon look like? source What does[…]

Avocado Health Benefits

9 Fun Facts About Alligator Pears (uhh Avocados!)

A nickname for avocados are alligator pears. For obvious reasons! The outer shell is green and scaly and it’s shaped similar to a pear. This nickname is actually more fun than the real name. Hopefully it will stick Avocados are¬†a fruit! More specifically, a berry. While it may seem more like a vegetable, avocados are[…]