Industrial Lighting Inspiration

  Edison Light Bulb

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6 Pack of Edison Bulbs >>>

Industrial Style Chandeliers


Hanging Pipe Chandelier >>>


Metal Sphere Chandelier >>>

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Handmade Pendant Chandelier >>>

Industrial Ceiling Light

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View this lamp >>>


Mount Ceiling Light >>>

Industrial Wall Lights

dark-wall-lamp industrial-light-fixture  desk-wall-lamp

View all industrial wall lights >>>

Vanity Lights

vanity-lights wall-sconces

View industrial vanity lights >>>

Industrial Style Floor Lamps


Tripod Floor Lamp >>>

What is Industrial Style

Industrial style has become popular as more and more factories and industrial spaces are converted into lofts and office spaces. While emphasizing the unique qualities of these old buildings rather than try to re-do or modernize them, a new design aesthetic has gained popularity. Now people are trying to retrofit modern spaces with a touch of industrial chic.

Industrial lighting is a great way to give your space a touch of industrial chic!

View all industrial lighting options >>>

Components of Industrial Style

  1. Rusted Metals
  2. Weathered Wood
  3. Exposed Brick
  4. Concrete Floors


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