7 Little Known Facts About Coffee

Facts About CoffeeYou might make coffee every day, but did you know these little known facts about the tiny “bean” that packs so much flavor into your morning joe?

1) Coffee “beans” are actually a seed. They were nicknamed a “bean” because it looks like one. 

2) Coffee is a fruit that grows on trees – a berry to be exact!

3) Coffee berries can also be made into a delicious wine.

4) Generally, lighter roast coffees have more caffeine than dark roasts.

5) Adding cream keeps coffee hot for longer – it cools about 20% slower.

6) The nickname “cup of joe” came about because G.I. Joes drank so much coffee during WWII.

7) Coffee is the 2nd most recognizable smell in America. Can you guess the first? It’s burning wood.

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